Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few More Baby Pictures.....

Well, you know how it is with proud parents and pictures of the "kids"...... I found a few more photos from the same P. 'Asa Blue' x begoniifolia cross. The photo above shows a large flower, very full petals, a pinkish coloration and some ruffling in the petals. The slight yellow marks in the throat are still there, and this one has some spotting in the throat. The peduncles on this seedling were also nice and compact, which helped to support the large flowers. This one was also kept for further evaluation. (Sorry that the photo is not in focus.)
This photo shows the flower from the first photo, beside of a sibling which has the more typical flower shape for the cross. I took this photo to show the difference in the roundness and fullness of the petals. The leaves also has a nice purple border, which came from the begoniifolia parent. P. begoniifolia is the only Pet that I've seen that has burgundy red underside to the leaves.

The first seedling to flower....... Wow, was it a surprise and was it different! It has ruffled petals, extra petals, yellow and green in the throat, and white splashed all through the petals. It kept these characteristics in the subsequent flowers to open....but was not as floriferous as I had hoped...I have kept it for further testing...hoping that with maturity, it will prove to be more floriferous.

And one that I kept calling 'Froggy' since it has an odd shape, and lots of green in the flowers..... This flower has four, white, yellow and purple! Of course, I kept this one to test further too......

Finally, as shot showing the foliage from a seedling...this plant, 'Keystone's Belmont' (photo of flowers in the previous post), was awarded 96 points in the New Gesneriads class at the recent show in Bufflalo. It won a second place ribbon in competitive judging, nudged out of first place by my other Pet. hybrid 'Keystone's Bluejay'. This hybrid shows a bit more of the P. flaccida grandparent in it's ancestry...which is one of the parents of P. 'Asa Blue''s mother.
I've been quite happy with the results of this cross. The variation has been stupendous and I am anxious to see the seedlings which I have selected as they flower in the second season this fall.